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O.K. so this site is no McDonald's with billions and billions served and the counter isn't clicking away numbers like the national debt clock, but since you're here you might as well have a look around to see if anything might interest you.

I put a blog site up the other day, not much there yet, and I don't know where it may go, but take a look if you want.

I put a quick family page together a while back with a picture or two and a little bit about each of us. It needs updated now, I'll get around to that sometime and let you know when I do. In the meantime, there has been important additions to our family that warrants their own pages, Matthew and Cameron. I'm way too young to be saying this, but I'm a grandpa now, twice!

On a sad note, we recently lost a member of our family, Bubby, our Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

A while back Kathy went to visit her niece, Bobby in Florida. While there they put set Kathy up on Jerry is set up on it too, I think I'm the only one that does not have a page there, but that's OK I don't have time to keep this one up to date! I would put the links up for Bobby and Jerry, but their profiles are private.

I have playing around with javascript a little bit and decided to make a little script to convert cubic inches to liters and cubic centimeters and vice versa. I'm planning on putting some other conversions in here sometime too. If you don't have time to wait for me science made simple can convert almost anything to anything else. They are even working on apples to oranges.

If I ever get a chance I'm thinking about putting up a page full of links I find useful. Who knows, if I get real ambitious I might even organize it some. Don't hold your breathe.

All external links will open in a new window or tab, depending on your browser settings.

As I mentioned earlier, I am trying to learn a little javascript. After looking around a while I found a good javascript reference, but now the site is gone. I'll put up another link to one when I find one (let me know if you have any suggestions). Before you attempt to learn javascript most people recommend a solid knowledge of HTML. Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi should help you get up to speed.

When my ISP first got going they didn't offer a newsfeed. It was always a hassle to find NNTP server that allowed (or rather didn't disallow) open access. is the best site I've found for finding them. His list is current and accurate. The only problem is that most open NNTP servers usually don't last too long and you have to keep finding a new one. Your last resort if you don't want to put that much work into getting a newsfeed is to pay for access to a NNTP server or go with a web based service like Google which acquired the late Deja News.

Ohio finally got their act together somewhat and has put information about almost all state agencies online. Including the Ohio Revised Code and the state lottery results. If you are into fishing, camping, swimming, or just getting out of the rat-race for the weekend they also have 74 state parks to relax in. One of which is Kiser Lake, where my Dad served as a ranger for over 25 years before retiring.

The rest of my pages aren't done yet, and this one desparately needs updated. When (read if) I get time I'll finish them when I get around to it. Please stop back later.

If you would happen to want to e-mail me for whatever reason, go ahead. (Especially if you find a link that don't work, I hate it when that happens.)

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