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If you didn't notice on my front page there has been a couple additions to our family, so big they each deserve a page of there own! Please see Matthew's page then stroll over to Cameron's page as well.

Jerry's Football Picture This is my son Jerry. He is a student at Graham High School, this is his picture from when he was still in grade school, playing on the pee-wee team as a full back. Nowadays he is more into basketball but is not playing for the school team. Jerry loves most all sports, is very atheletic, and is very good at whatever sport he takes an interest in.

Here is a more recent picture of Jerry. He is currently planning to go into the U.S. Navy, I support him 100% on his decision to do this. Jerry's School Picture

Shaunda's Senior Picture My daughter Shaunda is a little shy and didn't want me to put her on my page (so don't tell her I did this!) She finished high school in 1995 and is now working as a pharmacist's assistant at the local hospital. Shaunda is very strong willed, self-disciplined, and level headed. She loves (or is it lives) to shop.

She has been seeing Aaron for two years as of March 23 1997. (That's right she's taken) This picture was taken at her senior prom.  Shaunda's Prom Picture

Sexy Ain't She? Kathy is the woman of my life. We were married on December 3, 1988. We have shared many happy times, we have traveled around the country in a big truck. We made quite a bit of money while having the times of our lives. Kathy is a fun loving carefree person, wonderful mother and a loving wife. Eat Your Heart Out She's Mine

So I'd imagine a few of you might have wondered if a woman that beautiful would actually marry a computer geek like me. This should be proof enough. Told You So

Pepper Looking Oh So Cool In Her Shades Here's our lab/boxer mix her name is Pepper. She's a spoiled little showoff!

This is one of Pepper and our cat, Frisky together. Frisky and Pepper

Ringo as a pup Ringo is the newest addition to our family. This is a baby picture of her. Cute little pup isn't she.
One thing that Ringo hates is a camera she goes crazy whenever you point one at her. She'll cuss you out like this whenever you make her mad. Get that camera outta my face

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