It's a little late in coming, it's been a very long time since I've done any updates to the site ( I should be ashamed). So long in fact that I now have a new grandson!

I would like to introduce the newest addition to our family, Cameron Matthew Brown. He was delivered at the Kettering Medical Center shortly after we delivered his mother to the front door. He was considerate enough not to surprise anyone in the middle of the night, but he did get us up a little earlier than normal.

As you can see above, he was born November 28, 2004. Just 1 day (and a few years) after the best pappy on the planet... Whoever could I be speaking of?

This begins the time that I have warned Shaunda about for years. A parents revenge. She was given fair warning that I would spoil this youngster at least if not more than she was. Deal with it... I did!

Let's see 10 fingers, 11 toes - no wait my thumb got in the way, yup 10 toes... All looks well!

Thankfully, Cameron arrived as a bouncing baby boy. At least I assume he would have bounced, had the doctor dropped him.

He can't quite push himself up on all fours yet, but when he finally does he proves to be unstoppable. I have never seen a baby that sleeps as little as he does. Cameron is always ready for action.
Look at the little package Shaunda got for Christmas this year! Her new pride and joy.

Hang on Shaunda, not so fast. We almost forgot who else got a Christmas present this year.

Matthew has a brand new cousin, he's a little to small for baseball though.

Look at this, they're surrounded by toys and presents, and they want to play with the bows!

Matthew can hold off playing baseball with him for now, as long as Shaunda can deal with having to share her new baby already.
Uh-Oh, look who's awake again (or is that still). Only a few months old and he's already eating bear. No chance he'll be a vegetarian.

Just a few snapshots of Cameron and his parents. Not to be left out, Bubby strolls in front and center. Check out the pint sized recliner, they never had stuff like that when I was growing up!

This one give a whole knew meaning to the phrase "let's go hang at my crib"
Hey mama, not trying to distract you from your laundry, but do you have a minute or two to pay attention to me!

A couple of Cameron and his Dad. Cameron is showing off his new dew rag.

I'm not sure what he was laughing at here, could be the goofball behind the camera caught his attention for a second, while he was riding his "horsey"
Did I say anything earlier about Cameron always being ready for action? Whether I did or not, you can tell he is in this one. "What can I find to get into now?"
Don't you just love birthdays? Just like his daddy, his single most favorite thing in life is anything with an internal combustion engine.
I can't really remember for sure, but I think he was just busted for turfing in his "truckey" and accidentally ran something over.
He wasn't shut down for long though. Within seconds he is back at it, stronger than ever.
Matthew, Kathy, and Cameron are spending a little quality time together. From the expression on his face it looks like Cameron just found something that seems like more fun to do though.
"Fork? I don't need no stinking fork... I'm having a hard enough time hitting my mouth using my hands"
Cameron seems to thinking to himself, "Mornings are OK, but why do they come so early?" If you figure it out kiddo, let me know!
I'm not sure what he's holding behind his head, but I would bet that the cameraman found it coming directly at him about 1/400th of a second after clicking the shutter button!
Matthew and Cameron at Fulton Farms in the fall I'm holding Cameron up a bit, he came up a little short. There is a hole there for another face, but Mama had to take the picture. The corn behind the tractor cutout was a maze. Cameron had a blast in that for the longest time. Weird part was he could find his way in and out much better than many of the older kids.
Santa's little helper. Come on Santa let's take this sled for a ride!
Get'em food Bubby! Look at that vicious killer feeding that poor defenseless puppy-dog.

Cameron, Matthew, and Jerry on R&R catching up on the latest in the entertainment world.

OK I know, but it sounds so much better than saying "watching TV"

Shaunda tells me that the photographers have a heck of a time getting Cameron to take a portrait shot. Not sure how long it took to get this smile out of him, but I like it.
I doubt that this one was very hard to get, but knowing Cameron I would say they had to call for "cleanup on isle two" after they left!
Here is is again, surrounded by toys. Which one has his attention? The one with the internal combustion engine. I hate to say I told you so but... No, that's not true, I really do like saying that!
OK OK there may be one thing that trumps the toys with an internal combustion engine. Wrapping paper, it makes noise, and a mess when you throw a bunch of it into the air. And it's fun to watch it fall back down to the floor too.
Now the truth comes out. Look like we may have found where Cameron learned this from.
Cameron taking a two minute breather with Mommy. He'll be ready for another 18 hours of action after that. I'll bet Mommy needs some of whatever he's on just to keep up!
It's spideyman! He has come to save the world from Hmm, I didn't watch the movie so I don't who know his archenemy is. But if Cameron is playing Spideyman there will be much violence and destruction, and in the end Cameron will be the victor.
Learning well from Pappy, Cameron is enjoying the finer things in life. Nothing tastes better than a BFF

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