Bubby, our Staffordshire Bull Terrier was born in February 2001. When he came into our home, at about 9 weeks old, he and Bud our Lab/Husky mix were best of friends. They were mostly inseparable. Bud was about 6 months older than Bubby, and She was very protective of him until he was old enough to take care of himself, which wasn't long. Bud is food aggressive so we learned quickly that they needed to be separated when feeding.
It is unfortunate, but I have very few pictures of him as a pup. He seemed to grow so fast. As he grew he became aggressive towards other dogs, even Bud. Because of this it was soon necessary to keep these two friends separated. Oddly enough Bubby never showed any signs of aggression with our cat, Frisky.
Our son, Jerry, brought Bubby home with him one day. He was originally named Apollo. Kathy called him Bubby, and eventually the name stuck and Apollo was dropped. I was against keeping Bubby in the beginning. It was my ignorance of the Bully breed, believing everything you hear in the news about their temperment and unprovoked aggression with other animals and people.

That ignorance was soon enough replaced with personal knowledge that most everything I thought I knew about this breed was another type of bull.

As I grew to accept and love Bubby I came up with my own nickname for him, Little Man.

While Bubby did show aggression with our other dogs. He never showed any sign of aggression to anyone we welcomed into our house. It would not be wise however, for a visitor to show any type of hostility toward anyone in the family.

Bubby imitated the mood and attitude of the whoever in the family he was with at the time. If you are enjoying a quite evening, sitting around watching TV, we was too. If you were working around the house or outside he was right there with you. If we are playing with the grandbabies Bubby was too.
Bubby changed my mind about the Bully breed, I have learned that the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is an intelligent, loyal, obedient breed,with a strong will and wants nothing more than to please his family.
On 7/5/08 Bubby we noticed Bubby having problems walking and breathing. Kathy took him to the vet the next day. After a full exam and x-rays it was found he had a tumor on his spleen which had ruptured and he was bleeding into his abdomin. The vet gave us a grim prognosis, although he assured us Bubby was not in pain, the bleeding was causing anemia. This made him feel tired and his muscles were not receiving the oxygen and nutrients needed to function properly. In retrosepect we now see that over the past few days he did not have the energy he usually did. The vet gave him an iron shot and said the the bleeding may stop for a while and if it did the iron shot would help him survive while he built up new blood cells. He also told us that it would start bleeding again, and that surgery would be of little good as his entire blood stream passed through this tumor and cancer cells had surely spread throughout his body.

We were told by the vet that we would most likely have Bubby only days, or a couple weeks at best.

This was not to be the case. The evening of 7/6/08 Bubby was so weak he could not stand on his own for more than a few seconds.

The next morning it was decided to end his suffering.


Rest in peace, Little Man. We love you and miss you


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